Alumni Contacts and Websites by Class Year


I have been going through these to try to weed out the bad websites. No way to check if email is right without trying each one, so I will leave that up to each person. If you know of any corrections or additions, please let me know and I will add/fix them. 

1950: Contact: James  Shields,  (405)787-7029   [email protected]

1952: Mary Jo Putroff [email protected]  or 405-842-0105

1954: Faith Fuller Smith  [email protected]   501-680-5605  

1955: Sue Stinchcomb McDavid  email [email protected]  or 405-721-8664

1957:   Ruth Hibbler, email at [email protected]

1958: Link to 1958 website HERE

1959:  Contact is  Maureen Townsend Williams email to [email protected]

Go to Class of 1959, 2020 Annual August Get-together info

1960: Contact is Joyce Smith Christian at [email protected]  (405) 377-2844.

1961: Send update information to Jackie (Cole) Simpson at [email protected] or [email protected]    Class of 1961 Photos

1962:  Contact Sharon Thomas Bumgardner at [email protected]

1963: Contacts, John Ford (405 943-7482) email [email protected]   Jack McCallister 720-2281 and Carol Jacobsen Schieber 782-0711 email schieber.carol Website for 1963 is HERE 

1964: Contact Sheron (Folsom) Rodgers to update your information at [email protected] .

1965: Contact Lynn Horton Starkey    [email protected]

1966: :  To update your information or request additional information:

1. EMAIL updates to: Paul Lekawski at [email protected] 405-820-5681

2. EMAIL updates to: Pam Dean dean_[email protected] 405-525-5833.

3. Search Facebook for “Putnam City High School-Class of 1966” and select “Join Group” box at the lower right side of the photograph Mail to :Linda (Arbogast) Reed 14608 Paddington Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73142

1967:   Contact Vernon Wilde  [email protected]

mail to:  Vernon Wilde, 5409 NW 119th Terrace, Oklahoma City, OK 73162 -call Vernon or Sandy (Hammack) Wilde at 405.789.5788  or Go to FaceBook “Putnam City High School Class of 1967”

1968: Contact Norma Mount Coppedge email [email protected] or Betty Hughes Chrisman at email [email protected].

1969: Link to 1969 website HERE  ,email your information to [email protected] or through

or for 50th Reunion information, updates or information:  [email protected] or contact DiAnne Fishel Bredvick [email protected]

1970: Contact updates to Janet George Herald at [email protected]

1971: Contact for Class of 1971 is Jan Carney Ritz  at [email protected] or 405 640-9669 or Gene Ritz at 

[email protected]

1972: Contact to update is Claudia Montgomery at [email protected]

1973: Contact: Karen Cieminkski Nashert at [email protected]

1974: Contact updates to Priscilla Yelvington McMillen at [email protected] or Kimberly Stockstill-Campbell [email protected] (405) 205-2625 or Kimberly Pendleton Ryan [email protected]

1975:   Rob Miller at [email protected]  ****45th Reunion information

1976: Contact updates to David Apgar ([email protected]) website is

1977: Contact  for 1977 class is Teresa Crump Bourn  (405- 826-4561)  or [email protected]  

The website for 1977  is

1979: 40th reunion August 17, 2019: For information, go to

email:   [email protected]  Contact: Melissa Liebbe email is [email protected]  

1980:  Contact for 1980 class is Joanna Van Houtan.  Email her at [email protected].

1982 Reunion contacts are  [email protected] or [email protected]

1983: Alumni may contact Jenny Milner @ [email protected]

1986: Jenifer Bartley, email [email protected]

1987: Link to 1987 website HERE. Class ’87 30th Class Reunion contact Tina Wilson Wade for updates at [email protected] or 405-625-1244

1988:  Holly Crouch, email [email protected]

1989: Link to 1989 HERE

1990: Link to 1990 website HERE Send updates to [email protected]

1992  Contact:  Kristen Clifford Gajewski – 405-831-5709

1994: Contact Delia Faulk McLinden, email [email protected]

1995: April Price [email protected] 

 1996: Send updates to Kim Willett Kremer at [email protected] 405-601-7045

1999 Send alumni updates to Jessica Bauman, [email protected]     New website for 1999 with 20th Reunion info.

2001: Contact: Jaci Campney Shankle at [email protected] or at 404-627-2084 or Kammie (Wright) Powell    [email protected]  at 405-818-4745