Alumni Contacts and Websites by Class Year


1950: Contact: James  Shields,  (405)787-7029   [email protected]

1952: Mary Jo Putroff [email protected]  or 405-842-0105

1954: Faith Fuller Smith  [email protected]   501-680-5605

1955: Sue Stinchcomb McDavid  email [email protected]  or 405-721-8664

1958: Link to 1958 website HERE

1959: Link to 1959 website HERE

1960: Contact is Joyce Smith Christian at [email protected]  (405) 377-2844. Link to 30th Reunion picture from David Stinchcomb HERE

1961: Send update information to Jackie (Cole) Simpson at [email protected] or through the Alumni Update Form. Class of 1961 Photos

1962:  Contact Sharon Thomas Bumgardner at [email protected]

1963: Contacts, John Ford (405 943-7482) email [email protected]   Jack McCallister 720-2281 and Carol Jacobsen Schieber 782-0711 email schieber.carol Website for 1963 is HERE 50th reunion is planned for Oct 25 and 26, 2013. Updates to follow.

1964: Contact Sheron (Folsom) Rodgers to update your information at [email protected] .

1965: Contact Lynn Horton Starkey for 50th Reunion Information and to update your information (210-269-6664)    [email protected]

:  To update your information or request additional information:

1. EMAIL updates to: Paul Lekawski at [email protected] 405-820-5681

2. EMAIL updates to: Pam Dean dean_[email protected] 405-525-5833.

3. Search Facebook for “Putnam City High School-Class of 1966” and select “Join Group” box at the lower right side of the photograph

4. MAIL to
PCHS 66 Reunion
c/o Linda (Arbogast) Reed
14608 Paddington Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73142

Link to 40th Reunion pictures HERE

1967: Planning 50th Reunion in Oct, 27-29th 2017.
Contact information should be sent to:

1)email to [email protected]

2)mail to: PC 50th Yr Reunion, c/o Vernon Wilde, 7613 NW 39th St, Bethany, OK 73008

3)call Vernon or Sandy (Hammack) Wilde at 405.789.5788 or
Linda Manaugh at 405.812.6457

4) Go to FaceBook “Putnam City High School Class of 1967”

1968: Contact Norma Mount Coppedge email [email protected] or Betty Hughes Chrisman at email [email protected].

1969: Link to 1969 website HERE  Reunion pictures from different years by Bryan Vest HERE   June 14, 2014 email your information to [email protected] or through

1970: Contact updates to Janet George Herald at [email protected]

1971: Contact for Class of 1971 is Suzi Stockton-Caudell, email at [email protected]

Link to 35th Reunion Pictures HERE

1972: Contact to update is Claudia Montgomery at [email protected] Link to 35th Reunion pictures HERE

1973: Contact: Karen Cieminkski Nashert at [email protected]

1974: Contact updates to Kimberly Pendleton Ryan at [email protected] or Priscilla Yelvington McMillen at [email protected] or Kimberly Stockstill-Campbell [email protected] (405) 205-2625

1975:   Contact  for updates and 40th  Reunion info.   Cecilia Hays Ryhal at [email protected]

1976: Contact updates to David Apgar ([email protected]) website is

1977: Contact  for 1977 class is Teresa Crump Bourn  (405- 826-4561)  or [email protected]  

The website for 1977  is

1978: Link to 1978 website is


1980:  Contact for 1980 class is Joanna Van Houtan.  Email her at [email protected]. Website for 1980 is HERE. Reunion information on Reunion Page

1982 Reunion contacts are  [email protected] 

[email protected]

Alumni may contact Jenny Milner @ [email protected] to contact site administrator email : [email protected]

1986: 1986 20th Reunion Picture Link HERE

1987: Link to 1987 website HERE. Class ’87 30th Class Reunion contact Tina Wilson Wade for updates at
[email protected] or 405-625-1244

1988: NEW LINK TO 1988

1989: Link to 1989 HERE

1990: Link to 1990 website HERE Send updates to [email protected] 20th Reunion being planned. New website is HERE

1991 : Joseph Arguello (find his name under the class of 1991 on this website under Alumni by Year to email  him)

1992  Contact:  Kristen Clifford Gajewski – 405-831-5709

1994: Contact Delia Faulk McLinden, email [email protected]

1995: 20th Reunion contact: April Price [email protected] 

 1995 Senior Pics HERE

1996: Send updates to Kim Willett Kremer at [email protected] 405-601-7045

1999: Link to 1999 website HERE

2001: Contact: Jaci Campney Shankle at [email protected] or at 404-627-2084 or

Kammie (Wright) Powell    [email protected]  at 405-818-4745