Friends of Putnam City Central Jr. High

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Melissa Crouch Tucker “Hi PC friends! I created this group after Susan L Knight started the conversation recently. Here is her original post. I have added a lot of friends, please feel free to start sharing so we can grow this group and have a final farewell to the Old Central Jr High, now Capps Middle School. The new school will open in the fall of 2020!

Hi Classmates.
Who all attended PC Central Jr. High? Which is now called Capps Middle School.
The New Capps Middle School will be opening up next year..and, I heard the old building will be demolished.
I think all of us that went to Central Junior High 7th, 8th and 9th grades should all meet out there and get our picture made in front of the the school before it gets torn down.

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When final decisions are made, it will be posted here as well as the Facebook Page

Interesting post from John Lewis on Friends of Putnam City Central Facebook page.