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        Putnam City High School

               Alumni Association Lifetime Membership

P.O. Box 34

                                Bethany, Oklahoma  73008      


Putnam City High School Alumni Association, Inc.

The purposes for which the Association was formed are solely and entirely nonprofit, charitable, and educational and within such areas of activity, it is intended:

  • To provide for and serve the charitable and educational needs of Putnam City High School and its student body
  • To foster and preserve the history and traditions of Putnam City High School
  • To organize, establish, and annually maintain an All-Classes Reunion to be held on the

 last Sunday of October.  This Reunion honors the 50th year class with an opportunity to walk down ”memory lane” followed by the medallion presentation.  In most usual circumstances, the host class of the reunion is the class celebrating their 40th year.   The Reunion provides a report of the previous year activities of the Alumni Association and time for visitation among all classes in attendance. 

Lifetime Membership fees and other donations to the PCHS Alumni Association, aid in building the PCHS Student Scholarship fund, cover the cost of printing and mailing the annual newsletter and help finance the annual All-Classes Reunion. 

Lifetime Membership entitles one to:  Without charge; attend the All-Classes Reunions with spouse or one guest; receive all alumni mailings including the Annual Newsletter and attend PCHS sporting events and performances.

Lifetime Membership $100.00__________   Scholarship Fund Contribution $_______________

Name: _________________________________ email: __________________________________

Address: _______________________________ City: ___________________________________

State: _____ ZIP: _________________     Phone: _______________________________________

Mail your form with check made payable to P.C. Alumni at the above address.  Notify the website of address changes and deceased alumni by contacting the website. Contact:  Lynn Horton Starkey “65    210-269-6664

Email: Lifetime Membership questions email Lynn Horton Starkey at