Welcome Fellow Pirates!

2023 Alumni Association Newsletter  

Putnam City High School Alumni Association

Announcement from the Putnam City Alumni Association by the President Teresa Crump Bourne (1977)   

         Johnnie’s Night Out!  We are set for the 4th Thursday of every month beginning on July 25, 2019.  People can go to any Johnnie’s location. We will receive 20% of all sales from open to close when they mention the Putnam City Alumni Association. Please set a reminder on your calendars and attend!  Go to any Johnnie’s locations and mention Putnam City High School Alumni Association to contribute to our fund raiser for scholarships. This will be a monthly night out on the 4th Thursday of each month! Mark your calendars!

Friends of Putnam City Central Jr High/Capps Middle School 

Many alumni who attended Putnam City Central Jr High/Capps Middle School are interested in getting a picture taken in front of Capps Middle School with them in it before it is demolished. If you are interested, you can go to the link above to read about it. There is a link to the Facebook page created for it and this page will include any current information as it is received.

You can go to the Putnam City Schools Museum website below and buy old yearbooks and donate to the Museum online with PayPal, as well as buy the Centennial Book there.

 There are Yearbooks from all 3 High Schools and most of the other schools in the district that are for sale by way of a $20.00 donation. These have been donated by Putnam City Alumni throughout the years and are in excess of those in the Museum. These can be obtained at the Putnam City Schools Museum during open hours Saturday 10 am to 2 pm and on All Classes Reunion weekend, as shown above. Go to Yearbook page.

Go to the Putnam City Schools Museum to see what yearbooks are available and how to get them by mail or pickup.

More information on the Centennial book and prices and how to buy them at the Putnam City School District Museum.   

1919 – 2019, A century of graduating classes in Putnam City housed in one, unique district museum.   Click on this link to go to the article about the Putnam City Schools Museum that was filmed by Galen Culver for his show on KFOR-TV, “Is this a great state or what?”  Jan 7th, 2019.           


Why is there a Putnam City school district in Oklahoma but no Putnam City?      A City That Never Was

Click on the link above to read/listen to the answer.


Usually The Putnam City Schools Museum is open on Saturdays  with regular  hours 10am to 2pm.