This website was created  to encourage all Putnam City  High School alumni, past, present and future, to look back at the past and appreciate what "Putnam City Pride" means to all of us. It is also meant to be used to look forward to all the future reunions planned by all classes. By getting each class year updated, present and future reunion committees will have some place to start gathering alumni information. Please use the UPDATE FORM above to update your information. Email addresses will never be shown.

You can email classmates by clicking on their Email Contact Information which will allow emails to be sent blind so that your email address will not show. User Name and Passwords will be used  to protect your privacy and the the website's.  You can contact us with the contact format the top of the page to send other information such as names of deceased, reunion information or just something you would like added to your update information.

                            LINK TO PUTNAM CITY HIGH SCHOOL WEBSITE  


If you don't see a PC Notable Alumni that you are looking for listed when you bring up the link above titled NOTABLE PCHS ALUMNI, look on the left sidebar under Alumni Navigation, and click on the first link and you will see the list from the old website.

If you don't see your name under the ALUMNI BY YEAR link above, it means that we have no information for you. This is not a graduation list (although if you buy the 100 Year Centennial book, it does have all of those on the DVD that comes with it), it is an address/email list for providing contact information with other alumni. If you want your information on the class year list, send it in with the UPDATE FORM  on the link above and it will be added.

 PLEASE NOTE! The Putnam City Schools Museum  100 Year Book is now available!

You can buy them at the museum during the museum open hours which are Saturdays, 10 am to 2 pm, or order them with the order form shown below to pay by check. You can also buy and pay for them with PayPal  through the museum website at www.putnamcityschoolsmuseum.com.

NEW!  Celebrate the Putnam City Schools 100 Year Centennial with your Putnam City Schools Museum T-Shirt. Now available at the Putnam City Schools Museum....a special commemorative T-Shirt with the Centennial logo on front and a vintage picture of the original 1914 school building on the back. The size of the shirts are M, L, XL and 2XL The price is $15.00 plus $1.25 for tax. Stop by and get yours any Saturday between 10 am and 2 pm, during regular museum hours. If you live out of state or are unable to come to the museum to buy a T-Shirt you can also order and pay for one by mail. The price to have it mailed to you out of state would be $20.00, which includes shipping. If you live in Oklahoma then the price would be  $21.25. Send a check or money order with the correct amount and include the size to the Putnam City Schools Museum. The Address can be found at  www.putnamcityschoolsmuseum.com.









FOR REUNIONS: (CLICK HERE) to read about the latest reunion information. I will add and update as I am notified, so send me your information with the contact form at the top of the page or email me at jasimpson@pchs4allyears.com.

 NEW INFORMATION FOR CLASS OF 1969 for 2014 added- New information for CLASS of 1994 added 1/9/14, Class of 1974 added 02/25/2014, New information for Class of 1984, 02/14/2014, NEW INFORMATION FOR THE CLASS OF 1964, 50TH REUNION 03/11/2014, CLASS OF 1965 INFORMATION FOR 50TH, 2015

Here is where you can find links to all of the different class websites and contacts for those who don't have one. These are all the ones that I know of, so please send me any that you know of that are not listed there.

HERE is a link to current get-togethers being planned. 


 NEW! Putnam City Schools Museum website


Read about the museum and how it originated and see pictures of some of the types of items in it, as well as make donations to it. Click Here

Read about the Putnam City Schools Museum 100 Year Centennial Book. You can pre-pay for it online with PayPal or send in a check with a form that you can download and print.Click Here.

Read how you can get yearbooks at the museum  Click Here

Starting in 2013, the regular hours for the Museum are 10 am to 2 pm every Saturday.


                           ATTENTION REUNION PLANNERS!
As you plan a class reunion weekend, be sure to build in a visit to the PC Schools Museum as part of your official program. The Museum Committee will assemble a special display for each reunion class featuring yearbooks (many from middle school or junior high, and even some elementary ones), school newspapers, scrapbooks, event programs and other memorabilia from your class's school years. The Museum is a great place for classmates to gather on reunion weekend Saturdays . . . or, if you are looking for a free location to host an informal Friday evening gathering we will be happy to open the Museum specially for your group. Should your reunion committee wish to hold an organizational/planning meeting at the Museum, just contact us in advance and we'll make the facilities available to you. SPECIAL BONUS . . . we even have a number of cheerleader uniforms on hand should your class want to "surprise" some of the members at your reunion gathering with a dress up challenge!



                  Putnam City High School Alumni Association  Meeting Dates           


  The next Alumni Association meeting will be March 31st, 2014

at the PCHS Library at 7:pm